Chinese Broadsword workshop.

Learn the complete Broadsword form in 1 afternoon!

For All levels of practitioners and those interested in Tai Chi
Saturday Febuary 9th, 1 - 4 PM
Your Wellness Connection, 7410 Switzer, Shawnee KS, 66203.
$35 (AMEX/MC/Visa/Check/CASH)
Contact Gary Huff at 913-709-9051/

Master Instructor, Gary Huff will present various principles and building blocks for effective Tai Chi Training and Practice

Discounts on Basic Practice Swords, for signed-up participants, will be only $20 per sword.

The Broadsword is a curved sword with one sharpened edge and a heavy hilt and pommel. It is much like a large machete, and the form is relatively short and performed at a faster pace than the Lao Jia. Its movements help stretch out the shoulders and chest and improve circulation to the arms and spine. The coordination is improved from using the Broadsword and so is the athleticism and overall balance, there are jumps, turns, and twists that aren’t in the Lao Jia.

The study of the Broadsword helps Students understand a more martial history of Tai Chi, and the use of force with the waist movement called, “Fa-Jing”. Traditionally the Broadsword would be taught to the young boys since it was fast and short. Plus it requires more enthusiastic movements that contribute to athleticism. The Broadsword form is easily learned yet takes practice and study to understand the movement of Tai Chi within the cuts and slashing motions.
Modern Students of the Tai Chi Broadsword are reminded of a time when these tools were for survival and protection and have been kept as a tradition to remind us of our roots and how Tai Chi has helped a people and its’ culture survive difficult times.

Three Dragons Way offers handcrafted wooden swords made from quality hardwoods that are perfect for Tai Chi practice. Some have small inlays of wood from the Chen Village. Most are made from special hand-picked woods that are unusual in grain pattern and are unique in their natural state. They are different sizes and weights and each one has its own “feel”. Prices range from $25 for the basic pattern and more. There are many broadswords available for sale on the internet and students are welcome to purchase their own if they like. Three Dragons Way reserves the right to approve/disapprove of any sword brought to practice with. The safety of our students comes first.

Join us for an afternoon of learning the movements of this traditional Chinese Sword that has lots of fun movements to learn, and a rich cultural history behind the names of them. Some merchandise, books and videos are available, limited stock.