Tai Chi Workshops

For All levels of practitioners and those interested in Tai Chi
Interpreting Teachings from Chen Style Taijiquan
Saturday 1 - 3 PM
Your Wellness Connection, 7410 Switzer, Shawnee KS, 66203.
$30 (AMEX/MC/Visa/Check/CASH)
Contact Gary Huff at 913-709-9051/garyjhuff@gmail.com

Master Instructor, Gary Huff will present various principles and building blocks for effective Tai Chi Training and Practice

Feb 10Basic Principles of Tai Chi, Footwork
March 31Introduction to Push Hands
June 9Introduction to Tai Chi Weapons (Jian, Dao, *Guan Dao, Long Pole)
August 11Chin-Na
October 27Introduction to deeper principles of Chinese Boxing (Taijiquan)