Staff practice consists of first having a Staff. Next you should know how to hold the Staff and that it has two ends and middle. Students of Staff should learn the limits of a staff and therefore have something to strike their staff against. Force can easily fly out of a Staff when striking with it the correct way. Or it can rebound the force into your hands and joints if done incorrectly. Not unlike the hitting of a fast ball in baseball on the wrong part of the bat. Many drills and partner practices are learned in Staff training to help learn how to properly use the Staff for different techniques. Some of these are hidden within movements and some are very obvious. Over time, with instruction and practice, the Staff can become a great tool for self-discovery as well as a combat companion.

The Staff as practiced by Students of Three Dragons Way has several qualities. It is made from hard wood and not the soft kind that usually hangs in a closet. It is about 6 feet in length. To fit a Staff to your personal height, measure a fist distance over your head from the floor while standing barefoot. This is the height for you. The thickness depends on your grip. The staff should have a slight taper to both ends and rounded on the tips.

The grip should not be larger than the touching of your thumb and middle finger. If you have larger hands or extra-long fingers a larger diameter Staff may not be advisable since you should consider the extra weight and how this works on your grip strength for moving the Staff around.

Of the many Staff’s I have made over the years, the diameters have been roughly the same. About 1.25 – 1.75 inch diameter. I have made some that were only about an inch in diameter; however they felt weak when striking against anything. I think that a smaller, lighter Staff is great for practicing when you’re learning some movements and you may not be engaging the right muscles to move the staff around, so the shoulder takes a lot of the work. A lighter Staff can help prevent injury to the shoulder joint. Other opinions may argue that you should practice with the Staff that you are going to use for actual combat. I used to have this opinion, but since I don’t have to go to war tomorrow, I can take more time to practice and build my muscle engagement process differently and without subjecting my joints to undue pressure before they are ready. So a broom handle wrapped with electrical tape is ideal for you to start with.

Staff and weapons classes to be announced soon
These classes are open for participants to learn about Kobudo and the Staff. Kobudo has a long History in the Ryukyu Islands and there are many resources to learn more. Our Staff Class requires no uniform, only athletic clothing and soft shoes. You will need to have a Staff. It’s easy enough to start with a hardwood handle from a hardware store and wrap it with black electrical tape. This staff costs little and will last a long time if you take care of it. Staff’s made of hardwoods like Oak, Ash, Ironwood, Purpleheart, Hickory, and Bubinga are all good for training. Three Dragons Way makes custom Staffs and sells them to students who want a high quality training tool.

For any questions about Staff Class or to purchase customized, personal Training Tools and Weapons.

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