Wooden Staff Workshop
For Beginners age 6 and up

North Star Village Clubhouse
8701 NE 107th Place, Kansas City, MO 64157. Intersection of N 291 Hwy & NE 108th St.
Learn how to use a wooden Staff for defense and fun!
Participants will learn basic stances, blocks, and strikes.

Plus, learn the different grips used to hold the Staff
for more efficient blocks and more powerful strikes.

Kids and Adults are taught how to safely practice with partners
Plus an emphasis on how to be a good partner.

Staff Seminar and Kobudo taught by Sensei Gary Huff.
He has over 40 years of Martial Art experience and enjoys teaching adults and kids.
Mr. Huff has a 5th degree Black Belt in Okinawan Karate
and a 4th degree Black Belt in Kobudo (Weapons).

Participants should indicate whether for adult or kid to determine size of staff.
(Kids staffs are 1 x 60 inches/ Adults are 1 ¼ x 72 inches)

Three Dragons Way reserves the right to reject staffs that are unsafe for practice and will have staffs avaiable for purchase.

Kobudo Class will be held from 3 – 4 PM for Intermediate Students.
Workshop participants are welcome to stay and watch
Contact Gary Huff at 913-709-9051/oriath@aol.com